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Woman tries to flirt with Dave Portnoy and it goes terribly wrong.

“I hope your fucking Barstool Sports bullshit dies and rots in the ground like you, HONEY

If you’re thinking about flirting, think about what to say first.

We’re all human, we’ve all done it. A casual wink while taking an order, a seductive smile when checking out at the store etc etc. Flirting is a natural human trait, but some people are so far gone that they lost their instinct to flirt when nervous.

One woman recently caused a stir on social media after Barstool Sport’s founder Dave Portnoy posted his well known one bite reviews. It’s clear the woman in the video has waited her whole life to meet Mr. Portnoy. The woman also known as Jane Deer is known for having “the biggest crush” on Mr. Portnoy. The time finally came for her to spit her best game and she utterly failed. Some speculate that she saw Portnoy’s girlfriend Silvana and she completely crumbled.

In the video moments after the One Bite review, Jane Deer proceeded to point at the Barstool founder and call him “a fuckin jerk” as well as told the cameraman to zoom in on Dave to see “how fucking soulless he is”. Now, I’m not the best guy to give advice on how to flirt but I really don’t think that was the right way to go about it. It’s clear that the lady in the video has blown a fuse as you can see. It’s kind of like that sponge oh episode where Spongebob threw out everything he knew besides breathing and fine dining but forgot his name.

This is your classic case of when a girl likes a boy in kindergarten and she bullies him. The woman was like a car accident, something so terrible but you just couldn’t look away. She proceeded her tantrum by ranting about a false article she read (probably business insider{doesn’t deserve to be capitalized}) on how Dave Portnoy is “anti union” and transitioned into saying “I hope your fucking Barstool Sports bullshit dies and rots in the ground like you, HONEY”. FINALLY, this mamaluke has finally said a flirtatious word; the problem is that she said she hopes him and his empire die and rot… and then called him ugly.

It was at this moment, the Blonde bozo knew she fucked up. Silvana responded “you’re ugly” and gave a look that put in the fear of God in this woman’s eyes. She had no other option besides scurrying away like a level 1 Pokémon.

I think we can all learn a little lesson from this story, think before you flirt.

You can find the full video in the link below!

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