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Should Saint trade Michael Thomas?

It's no secret to anyone that the Saints are growing frustrated with Michael Thomas. The tension started from last year when Thomas underwent ankle surgery to deal with an ongoing injury. The Saints did not like the timing and thought he could've had that procedure done a while ago. He ended up missing the whole year.

This year Michael Thomas has missed 4 of 7 games with an ankle injury and it doesn't look like he is showing any eager coming back on the field.

Over the last few years, the relationship between Thomas and the Saints have been rocky to say the least. Last offseason, Reports started coming out last year saying that the All Pro wide receiver ignored calls from the team trainer, WR coach and even former head coach Sean Payton for months before undergoing surgery. Thomas called out the team and tweeted "they try to damage your reputation"

Why the Beef?

The tension started when Thomas didn't want to go to surgery the first time so he can play with Drew Brees one more year, which became detrimental to the saints the following year and current year.

There was also that one time When multiple reports confirmed that Thomas punched former teammate Gardner-Johnson in practice before "Monday Night Football" vs. the Rams, resulting in the suspension and a fine by the team. The next day Thomas went to Twitter to subtweet about the Saints, Gardner and threatening to not play even if he's cleared.

Eventually this created so much drama, insiders were reporting that Saints want to trade Thomas. This lead to Sean Payton clapping back in a tweet. (rare)

Fast forward to 2021 where he basically stroked the Saints and waited to get surgery. Of course Thomas went back to Twitter

Here we are now. The Saintd are sitting at 2-5 on a disappointing season with no playoff hopes. The Panthers are having a fire sale, why shouldn't the Saints? Take all your guys you know that won't be there and trade them.

According to,

$4 million from the original signing bonus prorates across the first five years. Then, there is another $7.813 million in prorated cash from the two restructures. In 2023, Thomas' salary cap number is set to rise to $28.263 million. His salary for 2023 will be $15.5 million.

Assuming the 29 year old won't be there for the better part of the Saint's future, why not get rid of him. You'd clear a sexy amount of cash off the books for next year and you'll probably get a decent pick or 2 back.

Some might say the lingering ankle injury is concerning and some might label him as a diva, but even divas win championships.

Diva Example

The injury would be a great sell in the negotiating room as well. Teams could offer something as low a 3rd and a 5th round for Michael Thomas upon the agreement that he must pass a physical. This wouldn't be the first time a diva WR had problems with their teams and continued to grow after being traded either. Brandon Marshall had an excellent career with the Bears, Antonio Brown won a ring with Brady and even Juju smith is tiktoking his ass off on the Chiefs.

So why not? Why not trade the guy and get something back for him before he finds another way to screw you over? Cmon Saints, release it to the press. Let the world know you're ready to trade Michael Thomas because he's a peacock and you gotta let him fly.

P.S. the only reason I'm writing this is because I want him to go to the Bears.

Bear Down


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