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NBA’s greatest practice fights of all time.

Draymond Green just knocked the shit out of Jordan Poole during practice last week. The video was released today. It brings me back to all the fights that happened behind the scenes and they don't get talked about enough. Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Jail Blazers Brawl

“[Ruben] Patterson often targeted and taunted Randolph, with their bad blood culminating during a 2003 practice: Randolph noticed teammate Qyntel Woods arguing with Patterson and came to Woods’s defense, sucker-punching Patterson. (Remembers [Damon] Stoudamire, “I didn’t see what had happened because I had got the steal, so I was going the other way. Then all I heard was, ‘Come on, Zach.’ I turned back around and it was chaos.”) After Patterson suffered a fractured eye socket, [John] Canzano later recalled that “there was a period of a few days after that incident where Randolph hid out at Dale Davis’s house because he feared that Patterson was going to try and shoot him.”

From Jonathan Abrams during his Grantland feature on Zach Randolph-

Gilbert Arenas & Javaris Crittenton keep that mf thang on them at all times


At practice two days later (after an off-day), Arenas brought four unloaded guns into the Wizards’ locker room and laid them out on a table. The guns included a Smith & Wesson Model 29 — “The Dirty Harry gun” — and a gold-plated Desert Eagle, the same gun used by Nicolas Cage in the movie “Face/Off.”“It was about me calling his bluff,” Arenas said. “You say you’re going to shoot me? Fine, I’ll bring you the guns to do it.”“Hey, MF, come pick one,” Gilbert told Javaris while pointing to the weapons. “I’m going to shoot your [expletive] with one of these.”“Oh no, you don’t need to shoot me with one of those,” said Javaris, turning around slowly like a gunslinger in the Old West. “I’ve got one right here.”He pulled out his own gun, already loaded, cocked it and pointed it at Gilbert.

Just a few days later, Arenas made finger guns and let themfly during pregame intros and got suspended indefinitely.

Richard Jefferson and Kenyon Martin go for Alonzo Mourning’s neck … er, kidney.

From The story from

The New York Times’ Steve Popper and Lee Jenkins:

“After a draining practice session, Alonzo Mourning and half of the Nets team, mostly second-unit players, were making their way through the final strides of a set of suicide drills, punishment for losing a contest to the rest of the team Thursday at the Champion Center, the team’s practice facility. As Mourning trudged to the finish behind his teammates, already unhappy, he heard laughter from the players who were watching. Mourning snapped in reaction to the frustration of the drills, the team’s troubles on the court and the cavalier attitude he has perceived during the Nets’ 5-6 start this season. Mourning stalked over to where the players were laughing and, in a profanity-laden diatribe, shouted in part: “This ain’t funny. This is about winning.’’

Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr exchange blows

Jordan might be the most competitive athlete of all time. It's inevitable that he would be placed on this list for getting in an altercation at practice, but to exchange punches with Steve Kerr, that's something.

In 1995 Steve Kerr told ESPN's James Herbert about the altercation:

“The two guards were matched up in a scrimmage. It was intense. Jordan had heard the critics after the Bulls’ playoff loss to the Orlando Magic and intended to silence them …The postseason defeat to the Magic in the conference semifinals, his first series loss since 1990, had some suggesting his best years were behind him. At 32 years old, Jordan was hell-bent on proving otherwise. It was palpable in every drill, every time down the floor. He and Kerr talked trash on a couple of possessions, and then it escalated.

“I took exception to something he said,” Kerr says. “So I was talking back and I don’t think Michael appreciated that … and we got in the lane and he gave me a forearm shiver to the chest and I pushed him back. And next thing you know, our teammates were pulling him off of me.

The 6-foot-3, 175-pound Kerr wound up with a black eye. He threw some punches before it was broken up, too.

“I knew that if we were in an actual fight he could actually probably kill me if he wanted to,” Kerr says. “It was more just I’m going to stand up for myself.”

Go Bulls.

Draymond Green knocks out Jordan Poole in practice

Some might say Draymond Green may not be the guy you should mess with. Jordan Poole must not have got the memo. During Practice, Poole and Green exchanged words, which quickly escalated into Draymond approaching Poole face to face. Poole pushed back and Green reacted quickly with a juicy hook to the face.

Latrell Spreewell chokes out PJ Carlesimo

In 1997 Carlesimo showed up to a press conference one day following a practice with “long scratches” on his neck

A reporter jokingly asked if he got cuts while shaving but declined to answer. Later on it was released that Latrell Spreewell reportedly choked Carlesimo after he told him to "put a little mustard on that pass"

2 days later The Warriors voided Spreewell's contract and was suspended.

Spreewell to this day denies the choke:

"I wasn't choking P.J. I mean, P.J., he could breathe. It's not like he was losing air or anything like that. I mean, it wasn't a choke, I wasn't trying to kill P.J.," Sprewell said.

Will Perdue gets lit up by Michael Jordan

Ahhh here we are again. Michael Jordan makes the list. For many who don't know about this story, I'll drop a clip from Sam Smith's book Jordan Rules.

Here’s an excerpt from Sam Smith’s “Jordan Rules”, the bible for all things Jordan-era Bulls:

Perdue was in his third season and was waiting patiently. He’d rarely played in his first season; [then-coach Doug] Collins and [general manager Jerry] Krause feuded over his use and he became a pawn in their battle for control. Jackson had used Perdue more, but thought he was too weak defensively to play for extended periods of time. And it didn’t help that Jordan had once felt inclined to punch him around in a practice.

It was during the 1989-90 season. Perdue was setting a screen, which usually resembled a seven-foot piece of spaghetti, but this time he dug in. Jordan came by, expecting Perdue to give way as usual, when Bang! Jordan slammed into Perdue and stopped, almost sliding down to the floor like some life-size cartoon character. Jordan stopped, looked hard at Perdue, and swung. One! Two! Right to the side of the head. Perdue’s knees wobbled, but he remained upright.

“Why the hell don’t you ever set a pick like that in a game?” Jordan screamed.

God the Bulls were so cool in the 90s

Shaq vs. Kobe

A lot of history goes between these two legends. The last team to 3peat, one of the greatest duos in NBA history 2 of the most competitive players getting into a fight at practice? Who would've thought. In this interview Kobe reminisces with Shaq on their first fight

Man I miss Kobe.

Bobby Portis Sends Nikola Mirotic to the hospital, then back to Europe.

The Bulls stunk during this era so this had to be the most exciting news to come out of practice. Sadly, it was involving one of their 3 point shooters and their energizer bunny coming to blows. Mirotic charged at Portis twice before Portis threw a punch and connected with Mirotic's face, league sources said. Mirotic dropped to the floor and lay there for several minutes before getting up, league sources said. Mirotic was left with a fractured face and a concussion.

JR Smith throws soup at Damon Jones

Here. Just let the video speak for itself, JR is a goofball.

Shaq Vs. Pat Riley

As told by the Big Deisel himself;

My ticket out of Miami was punched in mid-February 2008. There was a lot of tension between Pat and the players. So we’re about to start practice and Jason Williams comes in about 10 seconds late. Pat being Pat, he starts swearing at him and screaming, “Get the hell out of here!”…I tell Pat we’re a team and we need to stick together, not throw guys out of the gym. Pat is screaming at me and says if I don’t like it, then I should get the hell out of practice, too.That’s when I said, “Why don’t you make me?”I start taking a couple of steps towards Pat. Udonis Haslem steps in and I shove him out of the way. Then Zo tries to grab me. I threw him aside like he was a rag doll. Now it’s me and Riley face-to-face, jaw to jaw. I’m poking him in the chest and he keeps slapping my finger away and it’s getting nasty. Noisy, too. He’s yelling “F**k you!” and I’m yelling back, “No, f**k you!”Zo is trying to calm us both down and he has this kind of singsong panic in his voice. He keeps saying, “Big fella, no big fella, big fella!” I finally turn around and tell him, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hit the man. Do you think I’m crazy?”

Vernon Maxwell vs Gary Payton

The fight was so heated Maxwell went to grab a free weight as a weapon while Gary Payton chased him with a steel chair. God I love wrestli- I mean basketball. (Not Payton's first fight involving a free weight. Horace Grant went to break up the fight and was struck with the free weight. Go figure.

“The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported Tuesday that the scene became so intense in the locker room after Sunday’s practice that Payton picked up a chair and Maxwell went to find a free weight, presumably to use as a weapon. Both men had to be restrained again and were escorted from the locker room separately.”

Kobe told Smush Parker not to talk to him.

If it's one thing Kobe didn't like it was slackers.

"Smush Parker was the worst," Bryant said before an exhibition in 2012, via Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times. "He shouldn't have been in the NBA, but we were too cheap to pay for a point guard. We let him walk on."

He told me one day at practice — I tried to talk to him outside of basketball about football. And he looked at me in practice and was dead serious and said, 'You can’t talk to me. You need more accolades under your belt before you come talk to me.'

Athletes are competitive and we always see the fights on the floor but the fights behind the scenes are just as fun to reminisce about.

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