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MikeyBets Freeplay: Kamara loves playing against the Seahawks.

If you're looking for a nice bet to place, make sure you take the over on Kamara 3.5 receptions. If you're not a receptions guy go hammer over 25.5 receiving yards. If there's a bounce back game for Kamara, it's today.

Kamara loves to show up against the Seahawks.

Per Statmuse

The last 2 times he's played Seattle

Last year He had 20 rushing attempts for 51 yards, but had 128 receiving yards and a touchdown. (If you're in a ppr league. Get ready, 10 for 11 receptions)

The previous time he played them in 2019, he put up 69 rushing yards over 16 attempts with a rushing touchdown AND 92 receiving yards with 9/10 passes and a touchdown.

3 touchdowns in 2 games with over 200 receiving yards. Yup gonna take the nibble here. Not sure what his drive is against Seattle but I'll ride with it. Some might say "tHiS iS a DiFfErEnT DeFeNse" yeah. It's worse.

Fade me or Ride it, idc. Let's go.

Verdict: I'm taking the anytime TD, the over in receptions (3.5) and receiving yards for Kamara. lets ride


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