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Jayson Tatum sleeps with Vanessa Bryant to honor Kobe

No, this headline is not true… yet, but at this rate it’s becoming more of a possibility.

Join me as we take a dive and see how a once Heartwarming story, now has turned creepy.

“I can remember when he was a little boy—this is how obsessed he was,” says Brandy Cole, the mother of Celtics All-Star Jayson Tatum. “I asked him, What do you want to be when you grow up? His first answer in life was, ‘Kobe.’”

Brandy tried to explain to her son: You can’t be Kobe. You can be an NBA player, like Kobe. But you can’t be Kobe.

Jayson refused to accept that. And when mom dared to suggest that he could one day be better than Kobe, her son damn near lost his mind.

— this is an article from Slam Online (

At first, all of this Jayson Tatum respects Kobe stuff felt really heartwarming.. here’s a guy who’s a Boston Celtic yet his favorite player is Kobe and now that Kobe is gone we can at least live through the memory of him. Jayson Tatum‘s reality is different from ours. Jayson Tatum lives in a world that now that Kobe Bryant is dead he can officially become Kobe Bryant.

Look, I have zero problem with Jason Tatum paying homage to Kobe Bryant I wearing his wristband during games, sharing pictures of Kobe on his story or dedicating games to Kobe. My thing is the Wearing a replica Kobe‘s practice uniform when he went to Boston for a workout and texting Dead Kobe Bryant’s phone.

The best case scenario in the Jayson Tatum texting Kobe Bryant scenario would be if somebody like Vanessa Bryant actually responded and was like “hey uhh can you not text Kobe‘s phone? We only use it to hear his voicemail” unfortunately the text is green and there aint no way Kobe has an Android.

one of my favorite tweets from this was from @crackcobain

Heres a few examples of more creepy things this guy has done.

—-Jayson Tatum:

“The Lakers were my favorite team, and Kobe was my favorite player.. So it was crazy that the Lakers had the second pick and I was so close to a dream come true. But it was just like they didn't want anything to do with me at the time."

(via ESPN) Jayson Tatum dressed for practice exactly like Kobe was for his Celtics workout. (Creepy as fuck)

Like I said, it wasn’t creepy at first, but now…. It’s kind of creepy.

Jayson Tatum wearing Kobe’s Elbow band

In the video below we have Jayson Tatum literally dressing up as Kobe. I know you might think we’ll it’s for the 75 year anniversary etc etc, but… Why Tatum? Cause of his weird obsession for Kobe Bryant. LeBron, Durant, Curry all could’ve been a perfect fit for that but Tatum definitely paid an insane amount for him to be Kobe.

After that video, Idk what else I could say Besides it used to be cool, now it’s creepy, but thats just me. You be the judge

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