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I’m blogging in hopes of being hired by Barstool

Please! whatever you do, Please! Do not use to show Rico to use as some sort of example to fit someone's agenda! I'm pretty much ready to rock and roll and make 365 million dollars a year working for Barstool. (I will work for meatballs) I'm tired of the graveyard shift. It stinks.

I told myself a year and a half ago that I was going to make a Twitter and do sports content and bet on sports because that's what if's been doing since I was a kid. I remember going to school with a briefcase as a kid and only had notebooks with sports stats. I began so obsessed with the idea of stats that I used to look weird stats up and drop knowledge on my classmates. This lead to challenges like betting snacks at lunch. Once I felt the rush of winning a pack of Scooby do fruit snacks .... I've been hooked to sports betting ever since. (Might want to change that biggest loser blog from TJ to MikeyBets, Big Cat)

Once joining Twitter I began to throw out tweets and my picks and some memes which started to get some Numbies, I began to grow some followers. L my life I've wanted fo work for a company that loved sports the way I do. Not the espn way or the nasally host on your local sports show. I wanted to hear real average guys talking sports. It's what it's all about really. (pandering)

If you like cooking food and you like to prep and this and that and bla bla bla, then why not be a chef? so, fuck it. I'm going to continue to blog and continue to grow our shows as much as possible til we knock so loud someone has to answer. God damn I feel like Fredo

So, here's my blog. I've noticed the big thing Dave and Big Cat keep stressing is people need to blog more. My blogs have speech impediments but I still do th them. Im gonna start healthy but my lowest blog count per day will be 1. "A blog a day keeps the doctor away" my mom always says.

If Big Cat is reading this he's probably 1 rolling his eyes annoyed or 2 giving a nose breathe laugh and a half smirk. If he's not, how's he's upset. Don't cry Dan it will all be over soon.

Why not I Prez Why not I!

Desperate? Yeah. Pathetic? Probably, but I don't care baby that's how we roll. In the meantime I will continue my roll as Beautiful handsome cohost/social media guy for Frank's podcast and continue to give out consistent winners to Big Cat (except for yesterday sorry about that over 1.5 TD play)

I'm gonna look for a play in a second but now I'm contemplating posting this because I fear rejection but also know I have to send it before anyone else gets this idea.

Hopefully Dave can read this during the live stream. so what do I bring to the table? I know you're more of a show me not tell me kind of guy so I here's a video of some shenanigans

Also I am involved in 5 shows

The MikeyBets Show

Allow Me 2 Be Frank

Bat and Bets show

Bully Ball &

TSSFantasy show

I work wacky hours to work around my passion. countless hours making memes to sell some dream, I think J Cole said something like that one time. Gone viral quite a few times, have a nice cult following group and also am a magnet to content. I continue to push for ads and guest like Jim McMahon, Dan Hampton and Rod Blagojevich (no idea why)

Not to mention I edit clips and run socials as well for the one and only Frankie Midnight, am pretty cool with most the guys at Barstool, have pretty wacky thoughts in my head that could turn into juicy content and and plus my brain doesn't stop thinking so I'll always have something to blog.

Could I work at the Barstool office? Yes. Would I bring fire power to Chicago office? Yes. Even with the talent they already have? Yes. Even with the talent they're bringing in? Yes. How? &

Plus I mean I've already been at the Chicago office baby lemme just put in the work 🫴

Things I can't do? Lose. I'm a winner. Even when I lose I win. Makes sense doesn't it? No? Yes it does, you lose.

Will I stop here? No will I ever stop? You'll have to kill me

I'll be here vloggin and bloggin until then.

Free play for Sunday -Gabriel Davis over 48.5 receiving yards (22-4-1 in the BigCat MikeyBets DMs)

P.S. see already have a content idea. You agree that if this play hits I can have a job then I'd reach out to you and ask you to tell Josh Allen about the bet in hopes of him cashing it then boom we all win money and create content, that's gambling baby. (Not realistic but cool idea) didn't hate this blog but pushed it out for content. That's what winners do


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