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Grizzlie’s Star Ja Morant seen celebrating game 5 win with Kid Rock; squash beef at Karaoke night.

Kid Rock & Ja Morant seen partying at C C blues club

It’s not often that Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant is seen partying in the night life, but after a massive comeback against the Minnesota Timberwolves.. Ja Morant made an exception.

C C Blues Club is a local club in Memphis and is known for great music and good drinks. At the club, rumors were swirling around that Kid Rock might be meeting up with Morant.

It’s no surprise that these two icons would be friends as they have so much in common. Both of these icons both have long luxurious hair, Morant plays for the MEMPHIS Grizzlies, Kid Rock made a song named Midnight Train to MEMPHIS, they both have signature mustaches, unique fashion, love jewelry & so much more.

The two friends finally met up at C C Blues club where they got a private table witnesses who were invited to the table overheard conversations of hair products used for their hair, stories of their careers & of course the possibilities of the Grizzlies moving on to the next round. One of the bottle girls claimed that Kid Rock asked Morant’s friends if he should lay $500,000 on the Grizzlies to win the finals, Morant’s crew began to taunt Kid Rock and say he won’t even lay $100,000. Mr. Rock got so upset that he told Morant & his crew that if they didn’t stop bullying him, he will call his his bigger brother Dwayne The Rock. This lead to even more taunts because they knew The Rock had no relations with Kid Rock and realized he was just high out of his mind. Shortly after, Rock went to the bathroom to “rip a line” but in reality he went to call Chris Rock for advice on good comeback jokes, unfortunately Chris Rock blocked Kid Rocks number because He took Will Smith’s side over the Oscars drama.

(Per source)
All Rocks, no relation

Shortly after Mr. Rock came out of the bathroom, Morant went up to the Rockstar and said “look man, if you can sing “Picture” with me and I’ll do the Sheryl Crow part, we won’t have any more problems“ . Rock agreed as the two and their crea went up to the Karaoke bar down the street and sang Picture. Once the song was over, the crowd erupted. They demanded an encore and proceeded to sing All Summer Long.(a classic)

Beef Squashed

Before Rock left the stage he told the crowd if The Grizzlies make it past round 1, he will perform at halftime. game 1 of round 2; The Grizzlies have yet to respond.

Hopefully we can all take a lesson from this story here and realize that Sportsbetting and Karaoke makes the world go round and brings everyone together. Grizzlies in 6.

Grizzlies in 6

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