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Draft Day is here: Goodell’s fetish for getting booed

Draft is here and to us, this is an opportunity to see our teams get better for the future; but to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, there are other reasons that this is his favorite day of the year.

Everybody has a kink, right? Some people like bondage,domination, s&m whatever you’re into I don’t care… but like? Keep it private?

I mean it is no secret that Gooddell is not liked by the general public, but why? Well, there are many reasons: for example, The poorly handled deflate gate, The Ray Rice situation & so much more.Roger Goodell may look like an idiot,smell like an idiot and talk like an idiot, but he is not an idiot. Realistically if he was that dumb, he wouldn’t have found himself this high up in the first place.

The truth is Roger Goodell is a sociopath who has a fetish of getting booed at the draft. A man like Goodell has the power to stop the booing. If Goodell really wanted to, he could implement a rule stating that if anybody booed him they would be kicked out of the draft immediately. He could also force his way to not have fans at the draft, or you could just be a half decent human being and odds are you will not get booed.

Throughout the years Goodell has done things consistently to make sure that he gets booed every single year. The perfect example where Goodelle could’ve had nobody ruin him was in 2020 when they did a virtual draft. Boards and directors all around the NFL suggested to do the draft virtually without fans and move on, but The commissioner wouldn’t have it. Roger Goodell gets this day only once a year, there was no chance that Covid would stop his kink. If anything, You could say Goodell strictly uses his powers, sold for this day.

Of course I could say that this is a joke and we are just making it up, but look at the facts. You choose to have the Draft in New York for the first few years, where people already don’t like you and they’re known for booing. Then to make matters worse, you bring the draft to Chicago, home to some of the most relentless hecklers in the United States. The boos were always bad, but they were never as bad as 2017, when Goodelle plotted his scheme for the draft to be in Philadelphia. Know if you know Philadelphia do you know they are the meanest fan base in the USA. The fan base of Philadelphia have booed Santa and throw batteries at him, they’ve chased players out of town & if you get caught wearing an opposing team’s jersey, you’re lucky to make it out alive. The look on Goodells face when he was booed prove to be that this is all for his own satisfaction. The kinkmeister himself mr Goodell just couldn’t get enough, now he goes from State to State fulfilling all of his weird needs.

Welp, this is his kink, this is what he does. Can we be weirded out by it? Yes? Can we stop

him? No, all we can do is bonk him And hope our team drafts the right player( unless you’re a Bears fan, like me)

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