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Chicago Bulls Zach Lavine fears game 5 win will overlap Cancun trip: “Well my flight’s”

It has been a rough couple weeks for Chicago Bull’s shooting guard Zach Lavine. After 7 years Zach has finally made his first playoff appearance and has been nothing but dismal to say the least. The inconsistent shooting guard has been averaging 19 points per game &shooting 37% from behind the arch in his first 4 playoff appearances. Zack and his agent are seeking a $200 million deal and they expect the Jerry Reinsdorf to bring out his checkbook. It’s a pretty hard sell to convince an organization to sign you to a max deal after 1 playoff appearance in 5 seasons with such a poor performance.

Top scorer and playmaker DeMar DeRozan has been able to carry them to win at least one playoff game against the Milwaukee Bucks, but it doesn’t look too promising after that. Time is dwindling and so are Zach’s chances of getting $200 million dollar deal from the Bulls. After the Bucks took a commanding 3-1 lead, Zach realized it was all but evident that plane tickets are going up. especially in this economy.

Zach quickly made a decision to book plane tickets to Cancun before it was too late and inflation took his course. The problem is that he booked his flight for Thursday.

Chicago Bulls face an elimination game Wednesday night, win or go home. During Tuesday morning’s press conference, Lavine was asked if he’s confident they’ll secure a win, Zach didn’t sound to thrilled. “I don’t know how to feel about it really. I mean, It’s going to really interfere with my vacation plans.” as reporters looked around confused, the All-star continued, “ I mean you look around and you see that we’re down 3-1 there’s really no point in us trying to come back and we all know the reality of it here, I can’t miss Thirsty Thursdays in Cancun, I just can’t”.

This is not a good look for someone who is seeking $200 million this offseason. One puzzled reporter asked why he would make such a controversial move when seeking a contract this off-season,

Lavine said he got all of his advice from Charlie Sheen, “When negotiating, you need to have tiger blood you need to let them know who’s in charge. Everybody thinks my negotiating tactics are all wrong, but look how good it‘s worked out for Ben Simmons. As they say in Cancun, adios amigos “

Zach’s quotes were brought up to Alex Caruso who is questionable for Wednesday nights game due to a concussion. Here was his response, “ my head really hurts man, why are you asking me this question?…,wait what was your question again?”

With Caruso out physically and Lavine out mentally,The Bulls stand no chance as if they ever did in the first place. I think it’s time to stick a fork in this one because Bulls are done but the future does look promising in whichever direction they go. (still taking Bulls +10)


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