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Chicago Bear’s GM Ryan Poles to use ‘Spinning Wheel’ to decide draft picks.

There are two things Chicago is known for in this world. It’s crooked politicians and shitty draft picks. (somewhat)Excluding the Jerry Angelo era, the Chicago Bears just cannot seem to figure it out. Through the reins of Phil Emery and Ryan pace, the Bears have only had 1 playoff season in 12 years.

A close source inside Halas Hall told reporters that Ryan Poles has been frantically running around looking for ideas and ways he can draft. One of Pole’s scouts said to do diligent research and pick the next best man on the board, but Poles kept stressing they don’t have time for that.

The GM took every suggestion into consideration, including a bracket, randomizer, madden simulation challenge and even throwing darts at players names. It wasn’t until he was almost fed up when an intern came in and suggested they’d spin a wheel. When Poles asked the intern where he got his idea, the intern began to explain how he was a big fan of “The Yak” which is a live streams/podcast on Barstool sports. The streak uses a wheel in their episodes to determine outcomes of certain situations. Pole’s loved the idea and convinced the team around him that this is the method they will use to draft.

The wheel will be about 3ft tall with a 3ft radius. The wheel will have 14 names on it. If a player is drafted before the Bear’s pick; the slot will be replaced with a player still on the board. Each spin will be separately spun by former Bear’s alumni. The Wheel will be spun 3 times, Anthony (spice) Adams will soon first, Patrick Mannelly will spin second and Tommie Harris will spin 3rd.

Many fans are hoping the wheel will land on Georgia WR George Pickens, but who knows? This might sound radical but honestly we all wish Pace used this idea… he might still have a job.

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