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Casinos should invest in Chuck E. Cheese

Hear me out. Casinos should invest in Chuck E. Cheese to subliminally create future customers and gamblers walking in their casinos. Having a kid-friendly area within the casino allows parents to play the casino games while their kids are playing arcade games.

Furthermore, merging a sportsbook with Chuck E. Cheese would create an even bigger empire that could help get young people interested in betting on sports. To do this, sportsbooks should pitch their idea to Nickelodeon or Disney, so kids can watch the game while being able to bet with mickey coins or other gifts until they are of age to bet real money at the casino/sportsbooks. This investment is sure to cause a huge rise in gambling addictions but it would also be extremely profitable for large companies who have no qualms about their actions. The merge of Mickey Mouse and Chuck E. Cheese makes this venture even more perfect for these two since they're the biggest fucking rats I've seen.


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