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Are Kirk and DeMarcus Cousins the greatest siblings in sports history?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

There's Serena and Venus, Eli and Peyton, Pau and Marc, but nothing compares to the Cousins brother's phenom genes that dominate both sports.

DeMarcus Cousins was a 3x All Star from 2015-2018 and dominated the game as a big man for many years until injuries slowly deteriorated his career. Cousins was famously known for being a key piece to the 2009 Kentucky Wildcat team going 35-3 and leading the SEC in first.

He went on to be drafted 5th by the Sacramento kings where hie flourished until things became sour with him and the front office. He was shortly shipped off to New Orleans to play alongside Anthony Davis. That duo unfortunately didn't pan out to what it was supposed to be and Cousins would find himself from team to team. This year he finds himself in Denver playing behind 2 Time MVP Nikola Jokic. (My theory is they brought him for backup against the Morris bros)

In his prime, Cousins was a force to be reckon with in the NBA. His older brother however, continues to be a leader in the NFL.

Growing up, Kirk was always outshined by his younger brother Demarcus. Kirk never had much of a talent for basketball and continued to stay indoors. It wasn't until DeMarcus brought Kirk to one of his football practices. DeMarcus left his football in the car and was running late to practice. He asked Kirk to run back to the car and grab it so the coaches didn't yell at him. The older brother ran to the car and tossed at dime from the parking lot to the football field. The coach asked him to come to practice the following week l after the game. At the age of 14, Kirk's first throw ever was a 53 yard dime to his brother. This was the day he stepped out of his brothers shadow.

Kirk went on to have a successful high school career, despite his ankle injury his junior year.

He went on to start his college shirt being redshirted behind Michigan State's starting QB Brian Hoyer until eventually flourishing as a starter.

In 2011, the Spartans went 11–3 and played in the first-ever Big Ten championship game. Cousins was named Second-team All-Big Ten by the coaches, and played his final game as a Spartan, January 2, 2012, being Georgia in the Outback Bowl.

He was selected in the 3rd round by the Washington Redskins where he ultimately ended up beating his fellow draft class QB, Robert Griffin for the starting job. He continued to play decent enough to get franchised tagged by the Redskins until eventually being signed To Bozo Bucks by the Minnesota Vikings. He's continued to have a great career in the NFL and continues to prosper.

This begs the question, do the Cousins have the best athletic genes of all time? You be the judge.


(This is satire don't sue me)

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