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Aaron Rodgers status for week 2 uncertain following misaligned Chakra injury.


The Packers look to bounce back against the Chicago Bears. Unfortunately, Rodgers will be a game time decision. The Green Bay QB has been quietly playing with an injury throughout training camp, his chakras are misaligned.

       The Hippy QB has seeked multiple options to realign his Chakras back into place before week 1 but  is still searching for answers. Rodgers has tried everything from drugs like Mushrooms, Acid and Ayahuasca (a psychoactive brewed drink), to Growing out his hair til the split ends got split ends. To find a cure to his health we must find out what caused this injury in the first place.

      It’s no secret that Aaron Rodgers and the younger core still have a lot of chemistry to work on after a dismal 20-7 loss to the Vikings. Anyone who found this surprising must not have been paying to the chemistry of this new look Packers team. Rodgers expressed his concerns with the lack of talent at the WR position during training camp.

"The young guys, especially young receivers, we've got to be way more consistent," Rodgers said, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN. "A lot of drops, a lot of bad route decisions, running the wrong route. We've got to get better in that area.”

       Nothing seems to have changed since training camp. On the first play of the game Rodgers tossed a wide open dime to Rookie WR Christian Watson, which slipped right through his hands. It was at that point the Packers lost all momentum and it was the Vikings game to lose. It was obvious that Rodgers was frustrated throughout the game but surprisingly remained calm during the post game interview.

It’s simple. Rodgers cause of injury is from the growing pains of this young WR core. So what will help? Even experts like Joe Rogan and Steve Harvey don’t even have an answer. Last year Rodgers suffered the same exact injury during the offseason, but it was quickly resolved with a  a romantic couples’ trip to Hawaii with Shailene Woodley. Unfortunately due to Rodger’s inability to maintain a stable relationship, he’s single once again, no couples trip will be happening. Maybe it’s hereditary and his family could give him a remedy? NOPE. Aaron Rodgers hates his family and would never talk to them again even if it meant his Chakras would never be aligned again. So many self inflicted injuries from the Green Bay QB has caused Him to still seek for the cure.

         The Packers haven’t lost a back to back game since Matt Lafleur took over as head coach, but with Chicago coming in hot off a win and an injured Rodgers, it doesn’t look promising. Unless Rodgers can find a cure by week 2, Green Bay will have to ride with an injured Rodgers or 2nd string QB Jordan Love.

If you or a loved one know anyone with a cure to Realigning Aaron Rodgers’s Chakras, please call

                          1 (999) 242-5727

                          (999) (CHA-KRAS)

          Outside of U.S. (999) 555-5555

                     …or dont.  Go Bears and Bear Down.


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